“The Pressured Child” at Marymount of Santa Barbara

February 9, 2014

Dr. Thompson’s talk "The Pressured Child" at Marymount of Santa Barbara was reported in the local paper, Noozhawk.

An excerpt:

Dr. Thompson’s parting words were especially powerful and several people in attendance commented on how the image they evoked would stay with them. A mother in attendance described Dr. Thompson’s parting remarks this way: "I liked it when Dr. Thompson described that we need to parent as if we were running with our kids. If we get too far ahead, we aren’t helping them. If we are too far behind, we aren’t helping them either. We need to run at their pace, not our own. We need to stay a quarter step behind, but close, so they can hear and feel our presence, and know that we are all in it together."

Read the full article at noozhawk.com.