Workshops and Presentations

The heart of Dr. Thompson’s work is lecturing to parents, teachers and students about the development of boys, the social lives of both boys and girls, the parent-teacher dynamic, school culture, how to raise responsible children, and the psychological journey of children through school.

He travels about thirty days per year to make keynote presentations at conferences, to run professional development days for teachers, to consult to schools or to speak to parents. He has visited more than five hundred schools in the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Australia and has been a keynote speaker for the National Association of Independent Schools, the International Confederation of Principals, the European Council of International Schools, The National Association of Elementary School Principals and the Near East/South Asia Council of International Schools

For additional information, see a sample day with Dr. Thompson or refer to a description of workshop topics. To schedule a workshop, contact Elizabeth Diggins — Administrative Assistant to Michael Thompson, Ph.D.