Raising Cain (Video)

Exploring the Inner Lives of America's Boys

By Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D. and Powderhouse Productions

Raising Cain is a 2-hour PBS documentary that explores the emotional development of boys in America today. Our guide in the program is child psychologist Michael Thompson, PhD, one of America’s leading experts on boys. His book on the emotional lives of boys, “Raising Cain,” with co-author Dan Kindlon, was a New York Times bestseller. Raising Cain explores the lives of boys from birth through high school through powerful documentary stories about real boys. The hallmark of the program is Michael Thompson’s in-depth interviews and interactions with these boys. The interviews reveal the challenges and confusion that boys encounter while growing up in America. In addition, Michael Thompson models ways for parents, educators and counselors to engage boys and help them bring their inner lives to the surface.

Praise for Raising Cain (Video)

This excellent documentary is a real eye-opener and does an effective job pointing out the issues many parents do not feel comfortable talking about, nor understand how to address. Raising Cain is highly recommended to any parent, particularly those that are raising boys.

Rob Bracco

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