Hopes and Fears

Working With Today's Independent School Parents

By Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D. and Rob Evans, Ed.D.

Over the past twenty-five years, independent school parents have become more deeply involved in their child’s school life.   They are more conscientious and far more anxious.  Teachers are communicating with parents more than ever, writing newsletters, keeping them updated on homework, etc.  The relationship remains uncomfortable because teachers are rarely trained to work with parents and they always fear that they won’t be supported by their administrators, even when they have been strongly supported in the past.  In their new book Dr. Rob Evans, Dr. Thompson analyze the dynamics of the parent-school relationship, offering a “basic toolkit” for teachers and an “advanced toolkit” for administrators.

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Praise for Hopes and Fears

“What I loved most is that this book leads with empathy and is filled with practical information.  I was so drawn in, I finished it in one sitting.”

Donna Orem, President of NAIS

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