Best Friends/Worst Enemies Quote: Ron Taffel

Michael Thompson has hit another home run. Best Friends, Worst Enemies does everyone a tremendous service by helping parents and educators understand more about a child’s social relationships-what we think kids ought to innately know. Read this book.

Best Friends/Worst Enemies Quote: Edward Hallowell

This book is a gem, and we badly need a gem of a book on this topic. Now, at last, we have a book that brings parents, teachers, and all of us who are concerned about children the knowledge we need on this both heart-wrenching and confusing topic. Warmly written, this book draws upon extensive research, but presents its findings simply and directly. This book is both practical and moving, both research-based and filled with stories, both up-to-date and rooted in old-fashioned wisdom, both informative and exciting. This is an enormously helpful book, which you will enjoy reading!

Best Friends/Worst Enemies Quote: Robie Harris

Thompson’s unique and deep understanding of why friendship is a crucial aspect of healthy development makes this a groundbreaking book a ‘best friend’ and ‘must-read’ for every parent, teacher, and counselor.

Best Friends/Worst Enemies Quote: Mary Pipher

The stories in this book come from many perspectives – those of therapists, educators, and parents. The wise, kind authors give us a fresh and cogent analysis of this critically important issue. I recommend Best Friends, Worst Enemies to all those who work with and love kids.

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