Homesick and Happy Quote: Ned Hallowell

Both a sublime elegy on the pleasures of camp and an indispensable guide to drawing the most from those indelible days, this unique book grips like a novel and instructs like an authoritative text. Michael Thompson pours his heart into these pages, along with his unsurpassed wisdom about children and their parents. An instant classic.

Aside: Homesick and Happy

An insightful and powerful look at the magic of summer camp – and why it is so important for children to be away from home…if only for a little while. In an entertaining, engaging narrative from the hidden world of sleep-away camp that parents rarely see, readers discover the "eight things parents cannot do for their children (but wish they could)" and the ten elements of "the magic of camp" which often propels children to return home more mature, more responsible and, well, nicer to their parents than they were before they headed off to camp.

Homesick and Happy Quote: Harriet Lowe

With a deep understanding, a great sense of humor, and impeccable resources, Michael Thompson succeeds brilliantly in generating just a touch of envy in the hearts of all those parents who read Homesick and Happy … for the great fun their kids are going to have.