Mom, They’re Teasing Me Quote: Anthony Wolf

What a wonderful and helpful book. It is right on target dealing with a very difficult issue – one that all parents confront – in a truly sensitive and intelligent manner. Above all, Michael Thompson and Lawrence Cohen give answers – why it happens and what to do about it. I was really impressed by their ability to make helpful sense out of a truly difficult part of child-raising.

Mom, They’re Teasing Me Quote: Freddie Greenberg

Few parenting challenges compare to helping a kid cope with teasing or being left out. With empathy and understanding, Mom, They’re Teasing Me gives parents age-by-age information and practical advice to guide and comfort kids through every stage of their so-called social lives.

Mom, They’re Teasing Me Quote: Edward Hallowell

Once again Michael Thompson, Lawrence Cohen, and Catherine O’Neill Grace have reached into the hearts and minds of children and parents and given us deeply needed advice, reassurance, and good news. They show us how to deal with some of the most painful moments of childhood and, not only survive them, but thrive. Michael Thompson combines the knowledge and wisdom of a brilliant psychologist with the heart and love of an experienced parent. This much-needed book is a true gem.