Separating Parent & Teen College Dreams

Dr. Thompson was interviewed by Randi Mazzella for her article about college-bound teens and their parents, and the way in which the parents have to think about their dreams and their teens’ college dreams. (more…)

Hank Azaria’s Fatherhood Documentary Series

Dr. Thompson appears in episodes of actor Hank Azaria’s 12-part documentary series “Fatherood” in which Azaria “navigates the touching, enlightening, and humorous journey of becoming a father, collecting advice from pals, experts, and ordinary dads-on the-street as he goes.” (more…)

Parenting Workshop in Romania

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At the end of September, Dr. Thompson traveled to Romania at the invitation of Otilia Mantelers to conduct a two-day parenting workshop for Hand to Hand Parenting and Totul Despre Mame, a Romanian parenting website (more…)